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Srednja šola za oblikovanje in fotografijo Ljubljana

Srednja šola za oblikovanje in fotografijo Ljubljana is situated in the heart of Slovenia, more precisely in its capital city Ljubljana. The school was founded 70 years ago and has since moulded young girls and boys into creative and daring young artists. At present, the school is home to 65 teachers and 700 students. We offer five different programmes, i.e. graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, photography and art grammar school. Our students attend four-year courses and end their high school studies at the age of eighteen. During this time they get involved in workshops, tenders, fashion shows, exhibitions and internships. At our school we also teach students art history, art theory, urban planning, 3D designing, sculpting and three foreign languages, i.e. English, German and Spanish.

Website – Srednja šola za oblikovanje in fotografijo Ljubljana

WICO Campus Mater Dei Overpelt, Belgium

Every school year, 145 staff members welcome 950 to 1000 pupils at our school Wico campus Mater Dei. Most pupils are 12 years old when they start school. They finish secondary school at the age of 18.

Youngsters who love languages, boys and girls who have a real knack for sciences or mathematics, artistic pupils, pupils with great social skills and also those who have great practical skills… they can all find a suitable education at Mater Dei.

Our pedagogical project is based on a great confidence in people. We believe a joyful, positive and warm school climate is needed to learn and grow with pleasure.

We are ambitious and we want our education to be first-class, so our pupils will be well prepared for their future. We hope that every pupil has become a solidary, creative and flexible person who can organize his or her study and life when he or she finishes at Mater Dei.

Our school is a modern secondary school with a tradition of more than 100 years, where everybody is welcome, feels at home and contributes to a nice learning and living climate.

Our pupils from visual education and publicity are taking part in the Career in Art project.

Website – WICO Campus Mater Dei Overpelt, Belgium

Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Górne, Poland

Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Górne is a small but a well-known school in Poland. Although we’re only 6 years old, our students have won many prestigious contests and the school is recognized in the artistic world with graduates joining the best art universities.

Education is planned for four years and its programme includes comprehensive school education according to its base syllabuses as well as art subjects, amongst which you’ll find Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, History of Art, Photography and Film, Design or Graphics. The education finishes with Matura Exam (secondary school certificate) and the exam of professional preparation, thus the students gain the title of a graduate of Fine Arts Secondary Education.

Our school isn’t big – there are only 80 students and 25 teachers. However, this gives everyone an opportunity to get to know each other, and study being surrounded with friends. We learn and teach in a nice, homely atmosphere.

Liceum Plastyczne is active in Europe as we have taken part in many international projects and so far have cooperated with 14 countries.


Colegiul Auto Traian Vuia, Romania

“Colegiul Auto Traian Vuia” is a technical secondary school in Târgu Jiu, Romania. It has about 1600 students who study technical discipline, like Environment Protection, Mechanics, Textile Industry and Joinery. Our students are constantly involved in many activities outside classes, local, national competitions, or intercultural projects such as “Spring day”, “Kangourou”, “Futurenergia” etcetera.

So far we have had two Comenius projects: “Eco-friendly Planet… This is our Home, Keep it Clean!” and “Maths and Science for better understanding the world we live in.”

Website – Colegiul Auto Traian Vuia, Romania

The Secondary Art School of Ladislav Bielik, Levice, Slovakia

Stredná umelecká škola Ladislava Bielika, Vajanského 23, Levice (The Secondary Art School of LadislavBielik), is settled in town Levice in the Slovak republic. Its founder is self-governing province of Nitra and it is the only secondary art school in its competence. Nowadays, there are 198 students. The school provides a full secondary vocational education in art departments as promotional graphic, promotional art, photographic design, design-manufacturing design and clothing design. In the school year 2014/2015 the school also offers another art departments: scenic costume creation and advertising creation. Pedagogical staff represents 28 full certificated teachers. In study, students complete vocational and theoretical subjects where are taught two foreign languages, English and German. Nowadays, teachers innovate and modernize the education, they use IKT and with a constant study they improve their professional skills. One of the main tasks of the school is to prepare students for further study at university, effective incorporation to employment market or create business by themselves. To the reaching of goals of this process, students and teachers have appropriate equipment of school in education: ateliers, work-rooms, computers classrooms, language special classrooms, specific software and interactive boards.

The Secondary Art School of Ladislav Bielik in Levice has been wired to various international, national and regional projects as Socrates and Comenius for few years. In these projects the school co-operated with secondary and elementary schools in Italy-3 schools, in Poland, in Turkey, in Bulgaria. An attendance in 3 projects Socrates and Comenius represented a huge international experience for teachers and mainly for students. In the period of years 2011 and 2013 in ESF the school realized the project of operating program Education with the name School of creative education and nowadays it realize another project oriented on the reform of educational systems and specific preparation with the name Modern school for praxis. Throughout the realization of the first ESF project the school co-operated with several secondary art schools in the Slovak and the Czech Republic. Besides these projects the school regularly participates on national and regional art competitions and exhibitions and it has also been the administrator of minimal 3 own exhibitions of art works of teachers and students for11 years. With these activities the school especially supplies vocational and art preparedness of its students for further successful application.

Website – Stredná umelecká škola Ladislava Bielika, Levice, Slovakia

Figen Sakallıoğlu Anadolu Lisesi, Turkey

Figen Sakallıoğlu Anadolu Lisesi is a public school that gives general secondary education. It started teaching in 1994. We teach to 550 students who are accepted to school after passing an examination.

In our syllabuses there are science classes. Students learn Biology, Maths, Chemistry, Physics. They also have Art, English, Literature, Philosophy and PE classes.

Our policy is not only to prepare students for university exams but also to help them improve their artistic, cultural and social skills. After four-year education they graduate and sit for university exams.

Our school is also interested in all kinds of projects, competitions and sport activities. We took part in one Comenius Project called Art Connecting Us between 2012-2014.

Website – Figen Sakallioglu High School, SAKARYA (Turkey)